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Sustainability week 2022

The sustainability week is the second edition from October Monday 10 until Thursday 13 During this week the Green Office will provide several events to inspire students at THUAS to become more sustainable! See the different events down below.

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Sustainable University Contest

Monday - Thursday

How can THUAS improve on Sustainability? If you consider that there are 27.000 students and 2.000 employees you can imagine that there is an opportunity to make an impact. During this week you can contact the Green Office through mail, Instagram or in person. Share your idea with the Board. The best idea will get a sustainable gift on Thursday!


Instagram @greenofficethuas

Sewing Workshop

Monday & Tuesday
10:30 -14:30

Did you know that fashion produces a lot of carbon emissions? The estimates are around 10 procent. And that is not strange considering that the fashion industry produces about 100 to 150 billion items of clothing per year. Shopping for sustainable fashion is a great way to contribute to a sustainable planet. But repairing your clothing also is! Join us in the Sewing activity. You will learn the basics to repair and make new clothing items in 10 minutes.

HOME 2.0 - Naaierij (

Colorful Knitting

Sewing Sustain Yourself – Mindfullness in open space  

10:30 -14:30

Personal (mental) health is important to sustain yourself. Our world is intens and time consuming. Learn how to focus and deal with stress. In this pop-up activity you will get a headphone and you get a Mindfullness excerise of 10 minutes.

Buddha Statue

Reshare Shop

Tuesday & Wednesday
10:30 - 14:30

A great way to reduce waste is to buy second hand. The Reshare Store is a great shop nearby the city centre. Come by and shop for stylish items that will give you a unique look!

Lookbook | Reshare Store

Colorful Knitting

Virtual Reality Trash Game – Renewiopen space  

10:30 -14:30

THUAS recycles garbage. But with different garbage bins and a lot of different items it can be challenging to put it in the wright one. So put those Virtual Reality Glasses on and see if you know how to recycle.

Recycling Bins
Plant Box

Repurpose the Garden

10:30 - 14:30

Students from Special Development programme are presenting their ideas to improve the strip tuin garden to a more inclusive and sustainable area for students and staff. Come and see their designs and let them know what you think.

Connect to an SDG – ABC Minor – Artfull Business

10:30 -14:30

What does sustainability mean for you? What connection do you feel to the different topics. The students of the ABC minor will investigate ideas, believes and values during the sustainability week in the Atrium.

Light Bulb

Energy Ideas

Monday - Tuesday
10:30 - 14:30

Do you have a great idea to save energy at home or at the University? Please pass by the Green House at the Atrium and write it down on our idea wall. Or send us an e-mail or message to instagram. or @greenofficethuas on instagram.

Closing Event – Drinks and Bites

16:00 - 17:30

For all our partners and volunteer students we have closing drinks. Want to talk about sustainability in our University? Our help to start with your own project? Come and meet us that the Atrium!

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