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In April 2021 The Green Office was created to make THUAS more sustainable, more inclusive and more socially right. The Green Office's over all goal is to 'Grow Together and Make an Impact'. . The Green Office is focused on creating awareness and make changes  within our university by making our education, research and facilities more sustainable and futureproof. The Green Office welcomes everyone to join events and volunteer in helping shape The Hague University into becoming more sustainable and ethical. Feel free to contact us and share your ideas through our contact tab or by emailing us at

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Meet the Team!

The Green Office THUAS is a team that consists of students, lectures and  policy Officers. 

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Lecturer/policy officer

Currently our world can feel paralyzing if you can truly grasp the complex reality we live in. Often life can feel hopeless, and it can be difficult to decide where and how to begin? This is why I started the Green Office. I wanted a way for people to get in touch and work on sustainability, social justice and inclusivity. Because doing nothing is not an option. Everybody can do something. This is what the Green office aims to do. My name is Lucita Couto Gestal. I’m a teacher at the part time program Management & Organization. I also teach Corporate Social Responsibility and am a policy officer for the SDG’s (Team?) at the university.  I invite you to pitch your idea; huge policy goals or tangible small ones to us. Together we can improve education, research, or facilities of the university. Get in touch with us. We want to help you with your project and make an impact together. Volunteer today 

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Lecturer/policy officer


Title: Student-assistant

Hi, my name is Mikayla but I go by Mikki. I go joined in the Green Office because I am very passionate about living an ethical and sustainable lifestyle. When I heard about the Green Office I was eager to help where every and whenever I could. Currently I help create and run monthly events for the Green Office, like our Knitting for a Purpose club. I also update the website and help post on our social media pages. 

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Title: Student-assistant

My name is Nienke and I work at the Green Office since the beginning in April 2021. I really enjoy working in the team with all the members. I study Climate & Management and my studies is all about sustainability in the built environment. I want to help THUAS be more a sustainable. At the moment I'm working with nutrition and dietetics students to create a project about less food waste at the school. I also help with posting on social media 

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Title: Intern 

I’m Seva, I study International Financial Management and Control. You can say that my interest in the topic of sustainability began with Green Office, as working with the team on sustainability related projects, while writing a research thesis based on the similar viewpoint. This really made me read into the topic and inadvertently become passionate about it. I really believe that sustainability within business, especially within the intrinsic operations – is rather underexplored, and that could and should be changed. I am eager to get to work on the plethora of sustainability projects, events and especially to collaborate with different faculties to improve both sustainability within THUAS as an environment, business and also curriculum wise.