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Sustainability Week 2023: Which choice will you make?

For the third time, Green Office, Facility Affairs, Global Educators Lab, and Mission Zero have joined forces in organizing the week of sustainability held Monday 9 to Thursday 12 October 2023. This years' theme is which choice will you make?


Waste Warriors Deft

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Sewing workshop

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Sewing workshop

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Re-share store


Waste Warriors Deft

We will continue to do this because we can only work together to create a sustainable and just society.

The event highlighted all the sustainable initiatives of THUAS which include various lectures on sustainability, a green campus presentation by first-year students of the Spatial Development Program, a sewing workshop, a free stuff store, and the re-share store.



Future of fossil industry

A talk show led by Emma Prins, lecturer in Politics at European Studies with guest speakers Sam Schwencke, climate activist and member of Extinction Rebellion, and Jeremy Bentham, member of the World Energy Council and retired after a 40-year career with Shell. You can watch the full video of the talk through this link The Future of Energy | The Hague University of Applied Sciences - YouTube.

SW_Speaker 2.jpg

An interesting topic that encourages the audience to think about their role as a professional, citizen and human being on this planet. Two different perspectives and visions of the energy yet both have one goal: to contribute to a better future in the fight against climate change. 


With a very interactive talk show, the audience where able to share their views and opinion about sustainability statement. The audience were also given a chance to ask questions to the guest speakers. We gather, we talk, and discuss about sustainability and learn from each other in the process.

More about the guest speakers

Jeremy recent smiling.jpg
Jeremy B. Bentham Jeremy Bentham is currently Co-Chair (Scenarios) at the World Energy Council and a senior advisor to several international organisations. After over 40 years in the energy industry, he recently retired as the long-serving Head of the well-known Shell Scenarios Team and a leader of company strategy. He has particular experience in issues of decarbonisation and energy transitions and their consequences for business and policy development. He was educated at Oxford University, California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Earlier in his career, Jeremy was Chief Executive of Shell Hydrogen and on the leadership team of Shell’s global commercial technology company, with specific responsibility for commercial and strategic developments including new business. Jeremy served as a commissioner on the Energy Transitions Commissions, was the first Chair of the European Commission’s Council on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, and is currently a Senior Fellow with the Mission Possible Partnership. He is on the Imperatives Advisory Board for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Energy Transitions, and a member of the Risk Advisory Board for the National University of Singapore. Since retiring from corporate life, he has also written several articles covering wise decision-making in turbulent times and business leadership in energy transitions.
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