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Interested in becoming a GO Member? 

Join us during our weekly meetings. 
Mondays from 17:30- 18:30
Check out our Instagram for Upcoming events  
What do GO Members do? 

GO members are volunteers that work with the Green Office to implement and develope their ideas to better the Planet and People. GO members' help create and participate in events for student communities, aid with current event issues, and can also participate in external activities with the Green Office's Partners. Members are provided opportunities to build their CV while making a difference in THUAS. 

Pervious External Partners-

  • SDG Challenge 

  • Grensverleggers- Leadership Programs

  • Initiatives of Change

  • Eurest 

  • ReShare Store

  • WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

  • Renewi

  • Museon & Omniversum

See our Past Events 

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